Louise and Labour continue fight to keep jobs in Sheffield during Commons debate

Louise and Labour MPs today stepped up the pressure on government ministers by holding a two hour debate on in the House of Commons on their "flawed" decision to move influential jobs out of the Northern Powerhouse and into London.

Four months ago the Business, Innovation and Skills Department announced that they were intended to close the Sheffield office and move the jobs to London. The move met with outcry from Louise and other Labour MPs who accused Ministers of demonstrating a "contempt for the North"

Since then, Louise and other local MPs have fought tooth and nail to keep these highly influential 'policy-making' roles in Sheffield, citing the symbolic mistake it would be to axe jobs and move them to London.

Speaking in the House, Louise today said:

"In the months since this decision was announced there hasn’t been any sense from Ministers or Departmental officials that they recognise the exceptionalism of the Sheffield BIS office.

Research excellence in the Sheffield region is second to none with two fantastic universities at the cutting edge of innovation. This is supported fantastically by BIS’ multi-billion pound budget directed from Sheffield.

Just a few months ago researchers from Sheffield University helped confirm Einstein’s Theory of Relativity which will unlock the secrets of the Universe.  Not a bad record.

The Sheffield office could become the eyes and ears of the Northern resurgence. Instead the Tories want to pack it up and move it off to London."

Indeed, the entire BIS 2020 plan looks like a perverse counter to the Northern and regional powerhouse agenda. Slash jobs in the regions, take no account of the importance of local economies, and centralise the department’s work in London."

You can watch the debate here.

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