There aren’t many good days that begin with a 5am start, but this month’s trip down to Parliament was a great day out for my staff and several dozen constituents. I was able to organise a tour of the Houses of Parliament, tickets to the public gallery during Home Office Questions, where I had a chance to question the Government on police rationing of callouts for crimes like burglary - and how the Minister would feel if he was burgled and didn’t receive a visit.

We also held a Q&A where constituents and I had the chance to discuss lots of important issues including HS2 and issues with transport across the North, Brexit and the Government’s hypocrisy over the Henry VIII powers, and how we tackle local issues in Sheffield like homelessness and parking.

One of the best things about Parliament is how open it is to the public, which gives people the chance to see democracy in action – traditional and long-winded though it can sometimes be. It’s always a great day out for those who come along, and I’m looking forward to organising another day out next year – stay tuned for more information in the coming months.