Before I was elected I committed to publishing my expenses in full.  MPs’ expenses are designed to fund the varied work we do in order to serve our constituents - from office costs to staff salaries and helping to cover the costs of living in two separate places.

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority routinely publish expenses but the data relates only to claims processed during the timeframe and not expenses incurred.  Some information is also only published annually so in the interest of full transparency and disclosure I am providing a full account of all expenses. The below are my expenses for the current financial year thus far. You can find a full breakdown of 2015-2016 expenses here and a full breakdown of 2016-2017 expenses here.

This information is correct at the time published (02/11/2017) and all expenses have been incurred wholly, exclusively and necessarily in the performance of my Parliamentary duties.


Travel Costs:

I travel between the constituency, where I live, and the House of Commons. I am required to be in the House of Commons several days each week while Parliament is sitting to participate in debates, votes and represent my constituents. I always travel Standard Class and endeavour to buy tickets as cheaply and as far in advance as possible (the cost of a standard single ticket is £94.00). I do not claim for taxis or travel within London or Sheffield. 

Total amount for April 2017 £138.50

Total amount for May £59.00

Total amount for June £423.00

Please note: the figures are not yet available from July onwards – and the above figures are subject to slight change, as and when information is provided by Chambers Travel to IPSA.


Office costs:

Parliament covers the cost of running my constituency office, which includes equipment, staffing, rent, business rates etc.  Having my office on Chesterfield Road, is extremely important to enable constituents to approach me for advice or assistance. My office is staffed and open five days a week.  

Total amount for April 2017 £4459.20 (breakdown below)


Constituency office rent (proportionate to financial year, usually £700 per month)


Consultancy – additional research (January-March 2017)


Purchase of computer for constituency office (Order placedprior to announcement of General Election)


Waste disposal


Casework management software – for constituency casework


Emergency plumbing repair


Purchase cleaning products and office supplies (brackets, screws to fix a desk)

Total amount for May 2017 £1014.33 (breakdown below)


Constituency office rent


Printer costs (in lieu of ink cartridges)


Constituency office telephone and broadband


Purchase of stamps for use on casework-related items only, during General Election


Audio recording – House of Commons


Total amount for June 2017 £1747.27  (breakdown below)


Constituency office rent


Constituency office telephone and broadband


Constituency office gas


Constituency office electricity


Purchase of air cooling unit for constituency office


Newspaper subscription – Sheffield Star (July onwards)


Newspaper subscription – Sheffield Telegraph (July onwards)


Waste disposal (March, April, May)


Registration with Information Commissioner’s Office, requirement as a data controller


Cleaning products 


Total amount for July 2017 £4055.71 (breakdown below)


Constituency office rent


Waste disposal


Constituency office telephone and broadband


Website design and production


Recycling services and collection


Constituency office cleaning products




Total amount for August 2017 £1529.05  (breakdown below)


Buildings insurance


Constituency office rent


Constituency office water


Constituency office telephone and broadband


Printing costs


Waste disposal




Constituency office cleaning products


Total amount for September 2017 £1514.68 (breakdown below)


Constituency office rent


Waste disposal


Printing costs


Constituency office telephone and broadband


Constituency office electricity


Constituency office gas – including advance payment for next quarter


Constituency office cleaning products


Newspapers – Sheffield Star, October onwards


Lightbulb for constituency office toilet


Staffing costs:

Parliament cover the cost of staff, both in the London office and in the constituency office – the below amount includes their wages, plus National Insurance contributions and pension contributions. Across the two offices, I have three full-time members of staff and three part-time members of staff, including a Living Wage apprentice – who in Autumn 2017 became a permanent member of staff.

My staff assist me in carrying out my Parliamentary duties and being able to effectively represent my constituents in Westminster. It is important to me, and my responsibility as your MP, to be able to take up the issues that matter most to local residents – and the staff in both of my offices assist me in doing this.  My staff are on hand to offer advice and assistance to constituents. You can read more about my constituency team here

Total cost for April 2017 £ 11,750.34

Total cost for May £12,058.85

Total cost for June £11.577.22

Total cost for July £11,577.22

Total cost for August £11,577.22

Total cost for September £14,697.52


It is sometimes necessary for staff to travel to the House of Commons to work, and to undertake relevant training not held in Sheffield – so that they are best able to help constituents who contact the office. Below is a list of staff travel, undertaken in the fulfilment of their duties:

Staff travel:

April 2017 - £92.50 (travel between Parliament and constituency)

May 2017 - £0

June 2017 - £0

July 2017 - £0


Accommodation and associated costs:

As my role requires me to be in Westminster for part of the week, I rent a room in a shared house in London and claim for essentials – including rent, Council Tax, gas and electricity.  I do not claim for non-essentials, such as internet, television licence, food, phone bills or travel around London.  I do not claim anything for my home in Sheffield.

Total cost for April 2017 £2625.75 (proportionate to financial year)

Total cost for May £1379.33

Total cost for June £1395.44

Total cost for July £626.85

Total cost for August £1365.27

Total cost for September £1950.17


Computer equipment on loan from Parliament:

Members of Parliament are provided with a fixed budget for computer equipment provided by Parliament – which is provided on loan, solely for the duration of their term as an MP.  The standard allowance covers the loan of some computers for both the constituency and my office in Westminster. The equipment is used by myself and staff, solely for the purposes of carrying out Parliamentary duties.