Louise Haigh, Labour's Parliamentary Candidate for Sheffield Heeley today warned that the Conservative manifesto, released today will hit every single Sheffielder.

The Tories unveiled stark plans which will impact on families, pensioners and school children. They vowed to:

  • Scrap the pensioner triple lock which guarantees financial security in retirement and which benefits 16,000 people in Sheffield Heeley.
  • Scrap the winter fuel allowance for some which helps keep pensioners warm in the colder months.
  • Ask the elderly and the vulnerable to pay even more to fund social care.
  • All but admitted they will raise taxes like National Insurance and Income Tax on hard working Sheffielders, many of whom haven't had a payrise for years.
  • Scrap free school meals for children who need them.
  • Continue the funding squeeze on our schools which will leave our local schools with the devastating choice of whether to axe teachers or ask parents to pay for basics like textbooks.

Commenting, Louise Haigh said:

Louise Haigh will fight this plan and she will fight for you and for our city. Find out more here.