NHS Organ and Blood Donation Campaigns


In recent weeks I’ve been particularly concerned with organ donation, particularly with the continuing lack of statutory sick leave for those who donate to save the lives of others.

That’s why I’m glad to give my support to the NHS’ #TimeToSign campaign, launching this week. There are already over one third of people who are registered organ donors, but that number could be higher, helping to save more lives.

If you support organ donation but haven’t yet signed the Organ Donor Register, you can sign up quickly and easily here. [link]

It’s easy to forget, but each organ donor has the potential to save up to nine people’s lives. The timescale for successful transplants is incredibly tight, and the more donors are available, the quicker and more successfully they can be carried out.

Another NHS campaign is encouraging people to give blood before Christmas. 924 of my constituents in Sheffield Heeley have given blood, and each donation is vital to the work of our NHS, but this is only around 1% of people here.

If you’ve thought about giving blood before, but haven’t yet done it, you can find out more and make your appointment here [link]. It’s simple, doesn’t take long and could make a real difference.