Louise urges the IPCC to release redacted Orgreave files

Louise has today written to the Independent Police Complaints Commission requesting the urgent release of redacted files relating to the links between Orgreave and the Hillsborough disaster.

The report, released in June 2015 which concluded that the IPCC did not have the capacity to conduct an investigation into police wrongdoing at Orgreave but which reviewed evidence of perjury, misconduct in a public office, controlling evidence at a senior level, and fabrication of evidence and concluded that in order for the truth to emerge an inquiry would have to be conducted.

Evidence presented to the Hillsborough Inquest from the IPCC report into Orgreave was redacted in the June 2015 so as not to prejudice the inquest. However, subsequent reports revealed since the inquest exonerated fans of wrongdoing suggest that the same pattern of behaviour at Hillsborough was present at Orgreave five years earlier.

The leaked report in the Yorkshire Post reveals that "the same senior officers and solicitors were involved in the aftermath of Orgreave and Hillsborough" and that "officials became aware that officers had perjured themselves at the miners' trial in 1984 but kept that fact secret".

Louise has therefore made a formal approach to the Chair of the IPCC, Dame Anne Owers requesting the urgent release of the unredacted report.

Commenting Louise said:

"I have written to the IPCC making a formal request for the urgent release of the unredacted report seen by the coroner in the Hillsborough Inquest. Media reports indicate that the pattern of wrongdoing, fabrication and falsifcation which had such devastating consequences at Hillsborough may have their origins in the events at Orgreave five years earlier."

"The public have a right to know the truth behind what appears to be a disturbing pattern of wrongdoing at South Yorkshire Police in the 1980s. Community relations with the police in former mining communities remain damaged to this day and there is a sense that police behaviour during Orgreave and it's aftermath were disturbingly similar to the type of wrongdoing which reached it's tragic consequences at the Hillsborough disaster in April 1989 and led, disgracefully, to a twenty seven year battle for justice."

"It's time we got to the bottom of the events of that day."

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