Louise Haigh MP appears on Question Time

louqt.png Louise Haigh MP made her first appearance on the panel of this week’s Question Time. Alongside Government Minister Amber Rudd MP, UKIP’s Roger Helmer MEP, Simon Shama and Rod Liddle.  

Topics covered ranged from the EU and the refugee crisis to Tax Credit cuts and Grammar schools in what was an emotionally charged evening of debate. 

On the refugee crisis Louise said “There is a constant scapegoating from UKIP and from the Tories that immigration is the sole pressure on our public services.  The biggest threat to our public services is not asylum seekers from Syria, or plumbers from Poland – it is decisions made by this Tory Government.”  

The real story of the night however was when a woman from the audience broke down in tears whilst she shared her fears of how the planned cuts to Child Tax Credits will affect her and her family.   After the show Louise said  “I was sat right opposite the Government Minister and It was clear that she was visibly uncomfortable coming face-to-face with the real effects that this disastrous and cruel policy will have on the everyday ‘working people’ that the Tories claim to represent”.

You can watch the full programme here: