Garden Party
Garden Party

Thank you for contacting me in light of the recent news regarding the Prime Minister’s continued disregard of his own Covid-19 rules during a “bring-your-own-booze” Garden Party on the 20th of May 2020. A party where over 100 guests were invited to the garden of 10 Downing Street, while the rest of us were instructed to stay at home and protect the NHS.

Today at PMQs we finally received an answer from the Prime Minister, who has miraculously remembered attending the garden party after months of denial. Boris Johnson partied with 50 people with wine and snacks and now claims that he believed it was within the rules because he thought it was a work event. He is insulting the British public and is still taking no personal responsibility for his actions.

I was shocked by his attempts to downplay the event by claiming that he was unaware it was a party and instead arguing that the event technically didn’t breach any rules. How dare he try and trivialise and downplay the seriousness of this offence. Not only has he been clearly identified as a COVID-19 rule breaker, but he has broken the ministerial code by continually misleading this parliament.

On both counts, the Prime Minister is guilty and therefore should do the right thing and resign.

People across the country sacrificed seeing friends and family, attending weddings and funerals or even visiting loved ones in times of crisis. At the same time, Boris Johnson broke his own rules once again and now doesn’t have the conviction to fully admit to his own mistakes and resign.

I share your absolute shock and fury towards a Government that has proven time and again they think there is one rule for them and one for everyone else.

For weeks the Prime Minister has been accused of breaking Covid lockdown rules and hosting parties – but instead of coming clean with the public, he went into hiding. Despite multiple eyewitnesses claiming he was present during events, the PM attempted for weeks to evade responsibility and only today has he succumbed to pressure and admitted his own involvement.

It’s time for him to stop hiding behind a Westminster inquiry, and finally, come clean to the public and allow them to judge whether he can be trusted to run the country.

Instead of leading the country, the PM is leading a cover-up of a party in Downing Street. Boris Johnson should be ashamed, his Downing Street office couldn’t even follow the rules. This is far from an isolated incident and instead is part of a growing pattern of sleaze and hypocrisy at the heart of Boris Johnson’s Government. Over the last few months I have been horrified by the amount of misinformation and in some cases barefaced lies I have seen presented as fact in Parliament.

Or when rather than respecting the independent commissioner, the Tories conspired to change the rules to save their chum Owen Paterson. Boris Johnson took the shocking decision to try and scrap the Standards Committee and replace it with one run by one of their MPs. The shocking double standards don’t just damage the Tory Party they damage the public’s faith in our democracy. Boris Johnson and his MPs are trying to take all of us for fools.

Thank you again for contacting me about this disgraceful revelation. People suffered unimaginable loneliness, hurt and grief during the pandemic, the Prime Ministers partying is so hurtful to all of them.

As your MP I will continue to hold this Government accountable for its ever-growing list of hypocrisies and failures and have already, alongside my colleagues called for the Prime Ministers resignation.

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