Fighting for Sheffield’s future

I was born and raised here and I will fight for our community: fight for investment, for world-class education for our kids, for a fair economy that pays at least a living wage. People here deserve better & I will dedicate my political life to making Sheffield's voice heard after years of neglect.
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Victory! Much-loved White Lion pub protected

The White Lion has been protected from closure after Sheffield City Council granted protected status to the award-winning pub following a big local campaign.
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Preserving Sheffield's precious local parks

Louise is campaigning for investment and recognition for our treasured local parks and a total halt to fracking.
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Thousands have tax credits reinstated following Louise's campaign victory

Thousands of families, single parents and hard-working people in our community rely on tax credits to help get by. Louise forced the Government to act after it emerged their payments were wrongly stopped.
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My Community Fund

I donate the pay rise all MPs received last year to local charities and good causes. It isn't right that in tough times MPs get a big pay rise while everyone else suffers, so i'll put that money into our community.
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About Louise Haigh
I was born and brought up in Sheffield; I grew up on Abbeydale Road and started my working life here - on a zero hours contract at a local call centre. My values and politics were formed here in Sheffield and I want to fight for jobs and investment for our city.
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